Matthew Rajendra is a multiple award winning technology innovator utilising moonshot thinking with the aim of redefining conventional linear industries through in-house developed exponential technologies. He is actively working on green technology, defense and 5G technologies currently. He is most known for his invention on fluid submersion electronics cooling. He holds 16 professional certifications ranging from programming, systems engineering, network engineering to security. He also has a higher education in Marketing. His research has been cited more than 400 times in various academic papers globally.

Having been in the high-tech industry for the past 22 years and starting his first business at 19, he is the only Malaysian to have received the world’s most prestigious IT award from the United Nations. In May 2016, the UN/ITU awarded him for the best E-Environment technology during the World Summit of Information Society in Geneva by the Secretary General for his invention, the Eco2 (later rebranded to Submersify) data center cooling technology. In October 2016 he won the coveted Chairman’s Award at the Global ICT Excellence Awards by WITSA in Brasilia, highly regarded as the Olympics of the IT industry.  He also bagged two awards at the MSC Malaysia APICTA Awards in September 2015 for sustainability and start-up. He represented Malaysia and won the International APICTA Awards for Best of Sustainability and Environmental Technology in Colombo in November 2015.

Having survived a plane crash in 2004 whilst obtaining his Private Pilot License, Matthew vowed to take on the world’s biggest challenges by developing game changing technologies through moon shot thinking for global impact. His focus is exponential technologies which are capable of dramatically changing the landscape of linear industries. He works with and mentors inspired youth and underserved communities around the world innovating disruptive solutions.

Moving forward Matthew firmly believes that the world’s biggest problems are the world’s biggest business opportunities. Climate change, food and water security, national security and energy security are core issues being tackled by him and his team through a hands-on approach from idea to prototype to marketable product.

Matthew can be contacted via email at