CGCI is an elite program certifying the cream of the crop of the IT industry to become instructional experts on green computing technologies. Certified Green Computing Instructors are the only individuals authorized to deliver GCI training programs in an instructor-led methodology.

The requirements to become a Certified Green Computing Instructors are the most demanding in the industry because of the varied and immensely challenging green computing syllabus. The requirements are:

1. Applicants must possess all three of the following certifications: MCSE(or equivalent), MCSD(or equivalent) and CCNP(or equivalent).

2. Applicants must have at least 5 years verifiable IT Technical training experience.

3. Applicants must have attended all GCI courses validated by Certificate of Attendance(s).

4. Applicants must score at least 90% for all GCI exams (the standard passing score is 70%).

5. Applicants must attend and pass a face-to-face interview at a Regional Office.

* Continuing certification requirements is that Instructors score a minimum average of 70% on their student evaluations throughout the year.

To apply, please fill in the Initial Application Form. Please ensure you have fulfilled requirements 1 - 2 above before applying.

To verify that an Instructor is currently certified, please email the individual's name and courses being delivered by the individual to A reply can be expected with 12 hours.

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