Understanding & Utilizing Green Computing Technologies

Course Code: UUGCT

Course Overview: This non-technical seminar (ISO/IEC 2382-36:2008 Compliant) helps delegates learn about the power their computer, peripherals, and other tech equipment are consuming right now, and puts it all in context so they can clearly see why that matters. This course leads to the Certified Green Computing User Specialist certification.

Course Objectives: At the end of the seminar, delegates will have a sense of the impact they are making — called their carbon footprint — they will learn a variety of ways to reduce their power consumption by changing their practices, upgrading their system, buying green, and much more. Delegates will also learn how to dispose of old computer equipment in a way that is kind to the planet.

Length: 2 Days

Language: English

Audience(s): End Users, Non Technical Staff

Delivery Method: Instructor-led (classroom)

Courseware: Printed GCI Official Training Guide

Pre-requisites: None

Course Outline:

Module 1 - Green Computing Concepts and Terminology
- Green Computing Definition
- Green Computing Terminology
- Getting Started with Green Computing
- Hands-On Assignment
- Review

Module 2 - Determining Your Carbon Footprint
- Carbon Footprint Essentials
- Carbon Footprint Calculation
- Reducing your Carbon Footprint
- Hands-On Assignment
- Review

Module 3 - Understanding Energy Concepts
- Investigating Sources of Electricity
- Researching your Energy Consumption
- Energy Star Efficiency
- Mitigating High Energy Equipment
- Hands-On Assignment
- Review

Module 4 - Performing Energy Auditing
- Computer Equipment Inventory
- Understanding How you Use Devices
- Working Better with What you Have
- Hands-On Assignment
- Review

Module 5 - PC Hardware Energy Optimization
- Optimizing Display Subsystems
- Optimizing Print Subsystems
- Optimizing Storage Subsystems
- Optimizing Memory Subsystems
- Optimizing Battery Subsystems
- Optimizing Power Supply Subsystems
- Hands-On Assignment
- Review

Module 6 - PC Software Energy Optimization
- Power Management Techniques
- Measuring Energy Consumption
- Managing Power in Windows XP
- Managing Power in Windows Vista
- Managing Power in Windows 7
- Adding Power Management Software
- Hands-On Assignment
- Review

Module 7 - Green Product Selection
- Green Criterias
- Choosing Green Peripherals
- Hands-On Assignment
- Review

Module 8 - Undertaking PC Recycling
- Understanding e-Waste
- Reasons to Recycle
- Recycling Techniques
- Hands-On Assignment
- Review

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