Our Hyperlocal Fortified Cloudlet [HFC] platform is a mobility-enhanced small-scale cloud datacenter that is located at the edge of networks. The primary function of our HFCs is supporting resource-intensive and interactive 4G and 5G mobile applications by providing powerful computing resources to mobile devices with ultra low latency.

The next generation of cloud computing infrastructure is deployed at the edge of the network closest to the user cocooned in a military grade security system. We coin this system as our Hyperlocal Fortified Cloudlets (HFCs) which provides ultra low latency coupled with end-to-end 512 bit encryption that restores privacy back to the cloud.

HFCs are edge cloud infrastructure such as DRaaS, IaaS, PaaS and SaaS feature 512 bit military grade encryption coupled with an innovative zero knowledge system that would take 50 million man years to break.

HFCs live on the edge in our ultra green edge data centers physically located at neighborhoods and cities to serve 5G, enterprise cloud, IR4.0, smart cities (IOT, AI, AR, VR), digital content and gaming customers.

With HFCs, your data and processing power lives on the edge whilst being enveloped in a foolproof security and privacy system. Get the best of both worlds; cutting edge performance and military grade security. No compromises.