What we excel in is being at the edge of networks. We are building the Internet of Everywhere and Everything. We do this by building and operating ultra green edge data centers that are physically located closest to the end user and secured with military grade end-to-end security. We don’t build big; we build agile, sleek, efficient and ultra green facilities at the edge of networks.

Our next generation Edgibility edge data center platform is deployed in partnership with our service provider customers to ensure the most efficient and effective placement of their network and ICT infrastructure. Network, content, cloud, and emerging technology providers such as AR, VR, Gaming, IR4.0, Smart City players work with us in getting closest to their users in the most cost efficient manner possible. This translates to a superior end-user experience that results in high levels of customer service and satisfaction.

What can we do for you? Here are the top 6:

  1. GET CLOSE TO YOUR CUSTOMERS: Life on the edge with us to be in close proximity to enterprises, consumers. networks, cloud services or IOT devices with low latency.
  2. MONETIZE YOUR DIGITAL CONTENT: Your high value digital content is monetized by enhancing delivery and distribution, allowing unrivaled audience experiences to guarantee higher retention and new customer adoption.
  3. LEVERAGE ON HIGH DENSITY: Each of our racks support up to 118KW of power density allowing the highest levels of efficiency and capacity for current servers and appliances whilst future proofing yourself.
  4. BE PROTECTED BY MILITARY GRADE SECURITY: Our platform features 512 bit military grade encryption coupled with an innovative zero knowledge system that would take 50 million man years to break.
  5. PAY NO CAPEX, JUST LOW OPEX: Because we build and operate these facilities, you enjoy the economics of an operating expenditure model. And because we use 50% less energy, this translates to lower costs to you as well.
  6. BE ULTRA GREEN: Data centers are in the TOP 10 industries worldwide that contribute the most to greenhouse gases and global warming. Step away from being part of the problem and become part of the solution. Our multiple award winning data center technology has a 50% less carbon footprint.